What is leaflet Marketing?

Leaflet Marketing is the promotion of a business, event or service that you need publicity for. It involves strategically planning your core brand message and the device or angles you wish to use to capture your audience.

How do I capture the viewer’s attention?

This is a great question, it has a Multitude of outcomes, you could provide an amazing quality offer or perhaps the very design of the leaflet itself would engage a reaction. Image quality or image subject matter can help provoke an emotional response that will leave the viewer with a feeling, this could be aspiration, admiration, even sadness. The subject matter of your leaflet must be cohesive with your brand message.

The team here at leaflet marketing have evolved our strategy suggestions, design processes and leaflet distribution networks to give you our customers the very best level of services is possible to provide.  we take every job seriously as the next and aim to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

In fact, in the unlikely event that something may go wrong, we are the type of company that will find the right solution.

 Personalised Message

Some years ago we were all flooded with leaflets, flyers and junk mail. This trend has, of course, subsided with a reduction in the promotional mail – this does, however, provide a fantastic opportunity for those that wish to use leaflet distribution to maximum benefit. Some savvy companies have realised the increased opportunity in a world full of email marketing, they have seized the opportunity to access their customers in their homes via leaflet marketing.

A personalised message works well, it resonates with the recipient in such a way that they take away some parts of the message or relate to it or indeed share it.  our approach to personalisation means each leaflet presents as though it was written for the intended person, often by hand and sometimes in an envelope.

Event Leaflets & Merchandise

Leaflets are a great solution for exhibitions, they provide the user with a reference point and often can contain QR codes, website or contact details, perfect to nurture a follow up from the interested party. According to ExhibitionDesigner.co.ukEvent Merchandise and event posters are almost as important as the event stand.

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