Our GPS Tracking

Each distributor in our national distributor workforce carries a GPs tracking unit. This allow our team of quality control engineers to monitor and analyse every area of delivery.

Monitoring & Reporting

We GPS track each individual distributor in our nationwide workforce that sends us real-time goe-locational information every 5 seconds.

The software also sends us information such as the average speed of the distributor. We will see if roads are missed and promptly address this.

Our software is real time and we catch everything that happens and mistakes can be rectified as we are in the area. This makes sure that our customers materials are always distributed to the highest of standards.

Our Area managers do knock-on-door quality checks on all our teams. Working inline with the Team leaders & office based Quality Control staff to ensure the highest quality end product for our customers. ​

We send daily reports to all of our clients. These reports include all areas that have been scheduled for distribution that day once an area is completed. We snap shot the area that shows where the distributors have been. ​

We then place these images into our client’s completion report so that they can see the results and evaluate their campaign. This keeps our clients involved in their distribution and makes sure that every action is transparent to them.

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